Thank You!

Thanks for support!

The GBJAM8 has ended, and I want to say thank you to all of the people who supported me in my project.

I want to thank the creators of the GBJAM: retroshark7Soul for hosting such a beautifull game jam every year.

I want also congratulate the jam's winner: creator of Crypt' o Casino. Well done project.

Maybe I'll release a new update soon, but I'm busy now making my new game Slavia.

Hope You'll still ejoy the game, and



NEWEST Pokemon Vanilla v.0.8/1.0. ROM 25 kB
Sep 06, 2020
Pokemon Vanilla v.0.7.2 ROM 24 kB
Sep 05, 2020
Pokemon Vanilla v.0.6 ROM 22 kB
Sep 04, 2020
Pokemon Vanilla v.0.5. ROM 22 kB
Sep 02, 2020

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Will you use the same game engine for your new game?

my new game will be made using other engine, but I'm thinking about more GameBoy games